Activity: Scratching the Surface

Things are not always what they seem. Sometimes you need to scratch the surface to see what lies beneath. Make your own scratch art with us from… SCRATCH! (See what we did there?) Step 1. Get your materials together and prepare your work space. You will need a sheet of a thicker paper – aContinue reading “Activity: Scratching the Surface”

Make your own Secret Image Bookmark

This week’s artist in focus is Cathy de Monchaux, who made a thirty-five foot tower of books in bronze at Newnham College, Cambridge. If you like reading, you will definitely enjoy making this SECRET IMAGE BOOKMARK. You will need: An A4 sheet of plain paper A ruler Pencils With your ruler and pencil, mark theContinue reading “Make your own Secret Image Bookmark”

Activity: Lady Downing and Friends

We know that Thomas Gainsborough painted several society ladies in and around Bath in 1763. We can tell they were painted around the same time because of the similarity in poses and clothing. Pretty as they are, their dresses can do with a bit of colour. Try your hand at dressing these Gainsborough ladies. DownloadContinue reading “Activity: Lady Downing and Friends”

ACTIVITY: Do a 3D flower sketch

In these strange times, it is easy to forget that spring is on its way. Our Gallery Assistant chierkute has devised a simple spring activity to bring a spring to your step. In keeping with the flower theme for the week, do this 5-minute drawing exercise as a family, with friends, or on your own.Continue reading “ACTIVITY: Do a 3D flower sketch”

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